It’s never too soon to start creating content and a following for your new business. Ideally, you would have a good amount of social validation before you even get to your official launch day. This challenge is a good way to get in the groove of adding content to Instagram and figuring out your audience and branding.

Create Your Content

  • You’ll be posting images to your Instagram account once a day during a 30 day time period, following a set pattern
  • For this you’ll need 8 manicured product photos, 8 random cool photos, 7 candid product photos (or action shots or photos that your customers have previously shared), and 7 memes (or quotes)
    • If you are still early into prelaunch and don’t have product photos, find some stock photos that fit your motif or convey the idea of what will come in your box
  • Spend some time getting all your images together, creating captions for each one and determining the best hashtags to use
  • Helpful Free Tools:

There are many tools to help automate things for Instagram but many of these tools violate Instagram’s terms of service. Use these tools with caution as they may cause Instagram to block or even shut down your account.

Post Everyday

Post to Instagram once a day (for 30 consecutive days), following a set pattern that alternates between manicured product photo, random cool photo, candid product photo, and meme.