How to Team Build Remotely

In a co-located company it is easy to take for granted how many opportunities there are to get to know your colleagues as humans, there’s the water cooler, coffee maker, lunch cafeteria, weekly happy hours, company picnics, movies, holiday parties, the list is endless in all the tiny ways we... [Read More]

How to Stream Video Games to Zoom

One of the big challenges with working at a remote/distributed company is that it is difficult to replace the watercooler, off-the-cuff team bonding experience. Video calls tend to focus on business and meeting efficiency and it is awkward to try and shoot the breeze for a few minutes and learn... [Read More]

On Hiring

One of the first things that you have to develop as a new manager is a philosophy around assembling your team. One could even suggest that your ability to bring together a great team is the entire job of management. A great team can move mountains, a great team begets... [Read More]

Thoughts on being an Engineering Director

Recently, I’ve been reflecting on my last few years in an Engineering Director role and how I would define the role today. Here are a few things I had to learn, mostly the hard way, by screwing it up at first. [Read More]

Outcome-Oriented Thinking for Teams

Outcome-oriented thinking is the ability to focus on the desired results, instead of the process, effort or tactics that you take to get there. It is the idea that nothing else matters other than achieving the results. The process that you take or the effort that you put in, while... [Read More]