Thoughts on being an Engineering Director

Recently, I’ve been reflecting on my last few years in an Engineering Director role and how I would define the role today. Here are a few things I had to learn, mostly the hard way, by screwing it up at first. [Read More]

Outcome-Oriented Thinking for Teams

Outcome-oriented thinking is the ability to focus on the desired results, instead of the process, effort or tactics that you take to get there. It is the idea that nothing else matters other than achieving the results. The process that you take or the effort that you put in, while... [Read More]

5 Kinds of Subscription Boxes

One of the primary differences between subscription boxes and traditional ecommerce is how much the fulfillment process is part of the overall experience for the customer. Fulfillment tends to be thought of as table stakes for running any online store, something that just has to work but not be part... [Read More]