Atom Python Setup

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Install Atom Install Python Linter Atom -> Preferences -> Install If you have trouble getting the linter to be on your pythonpath: Add this to your init script: Atom -> Open Your Init Script process.env.PATH = [‘/usr/local/bin/’, process.env.PATH].join(‘:’) I also don’t want the linter to freak out every time a line is longer […]

Python Tutorial 3: Modules, Classes & OOP

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This Python tutorial covers Python modules, classes and object-oriented programming principles. This includes: Modules: The Big Picture Module Import Syntax Packages Inheritance Classes Exceptions   Modules In Python a Module is the highest-level program organization unit, modules correspond to Python program files. Each file is a module, and modules import other modules to use the […]

Python Tutorial 2: Statements, Syntax & Functions

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This Python tutorial covers basic Python statements, syntax and functions. This includes: Introducing Python Statements Assignment, Expressions and print if Tests while and for loops Function Basics Scope Advanced Function Topics   Print We have already encountered this statement before; it is used simply to display objects. >>> print ‘hello’ hello >>> print 4 4 […]

Disabling SSL verification in Python Jenkins API

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[Errno 1] _ssl.c:504: error:14090086:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed This was super annoying to have to go dig for, so if you have Jenkins setup behind SSL using a temporary certificate. You can easily tell Jenkins to ignore the SSL certificate since it is using the requests library under the hood. It just isn’t documented anywhere. Thanks […]