Email OCD

Hello, my name is Tim Schnell and I have a problem. The internet has done terrible things to the way my brain works. I currently have the following email accounts, all forwarded to my phone which I check constantly:

This list does not include my work email account, which is its own problem but that is 6 email accounts! That may not seem like that many email accounts, and I can’t even imagine how many I have let die by the side of an empty, barren highway (RIP [email protected]).

Meanwhile, the OCD in my head is telling me that I need to create a new email address that is even simpler and forward everything to it, something like [email protected] would be good. I guess I could try and use one of my existing emails as a main email address but they all have problems.

My yahoo account is dumb because I can’t forward it via POP/IMAP without paying an annual fee to Yahoo of 20 dollars! I’m sorry Yahoo, I know you need money but you aren’t going to get it by charging me for a service that is free from Google. Oh also, the interface is just… it’s just terrible Yahoo!.

My utexas account was originally the one that I was going to use because it is hosted by Gmail so it has most of the Gmail features, but not all of them. I can’t use it as my Google+ account or (more importantly) to setup my Chrome account.

Super-productive and downpourmusic are for their related websites but their email management is terrible. They are designed to be forwarded to a better email provider.

timductive and voicemod are actually ok (except some random old lady uses my voicemod account somehow), but they aren’t really email accounts to be used in a professional manner.

See? They all have problems. I need a new perfect one. My ideal email address would be [email protected] or even [email protected], all the tim related gmail accounts are taken already. Probably by me actually… but I have lost them all to the steady drum of time as it beats against my brain.

One email address to rule them all!

These are the things (wags finger)… These are the things that keep my up at night.

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