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Me: You know how I hate coming up with resolutions at the beginning of the new year? Tina: Yeah.. Me: Well I’ve been thinking about it and I think I’m going to have a few for 2015. Tina: Oh? Like what? (She is noticeably perkier, Tina loves New Year’s┬áresolutions) Me: Well you know how the […]

Build Your Own Patio: A 12 Step Guide

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Step 1: Tell Your Friends Recently my wife and I decided to expand our measly 10×10 back patio to a 40×10 Patio Extravaganza! While the wife was going through the process of getting bids from different contractors I had a few friends over to drink beer and talk about said patio. “They are quoting like […]

A Positive Movie Review: Ender’s Game

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I never read critic reviews of movies anymore. Not since I mistakenly opened up the newspaper (or whatever, internet) and heartbreakingly read what a terrible movie Rush Hour 2 was. It was terrible! Apparently, it earned like maybe a D- from critics and with a heavy heart I forced myself to watch it anyway. It […]